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These are links that are relevant to transportation planning in California.

SB 375
AB 32
California Interregional Blueprint
Caltrans Climate Action Program
California Agency Mailing List



Below are links to various grant sources or trackers:

Grant Tracking Matrix

North State Super Region Statistics

Land Area

The sixteen counties that make up the Super Region contain 26% of California's land area. Total land area for the Super Region is 42,620 square miles.


Population & Growth

Total population for the Super Region is 1,038,275 persons, half of which reside in the Sacramento Valley sub-area. In the long-term, the Super Region counties will continue to be attractive for new growth, with much of the growth focused in the North Sacramento Valley. Shasta County serves as a "regional" center for the northern end of the valley, Butte County serves as a "regional" center in the southern part of the valley, and Humboldt County serves as a "regional" center for the central coast area.
population 2009



The average median household income for all 16 counties is $42,922 annually. This compares to the California average median income of $60,392 annually. None of the counties within the Super Region have an average median household income larger than the California average and residents in Nevada County are the closest to reaching the State average with $58,186 annually.

According to California standards a community may be considered an "economically disadvantaged community" if the median household income is less than 80% of the statewide average. A community is considered a "severely economically disadvantaged community" when their median household income is less than 60% of the statewide average. Currently, 11 counties can be considered "economically disadvantaged" and 2 counties can be considered "severely economically disadvantaged."

Median Household Income


Unemployment (November 2010)

The unemployment rate for the counties within the North State Super Region can vary from 11.1% to 20.8%, with an average of 15.5% combined. This is significantly higher when compared to the state of California average unemployment rate of 12.4%, with only three counties below the average and the rest being at least 1.5 percentage points (or significantly more) above the state average. Such challenges with the lack of jobs, loss of businesses, and severe downturn of the housing market has made improving the economy of communities and the transportation system a difficult challenge to meet for the whole Super Region with declining revenues in local gas and sales taxes.

unemployment rates


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) & Highway Data

The Super Region has a unique challenge maintaining an adequate transportation system and meeting new state regulations for reducing vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions. While accounting for only 3% of the state population and contributing to only 4% of the total VMT for the state, we contain 37% of California's state and federal roads. This is due in part to the Super Region making up over 25% of the State's land area and having an extensive road system for goods movement and many tourist destinations, which is especially evident in Shasta County where three highways (Highway 299, Highway 44 and Interstate-5) converge for moving goods and people from the West Coast to Nevada and from Southern California to Oregon and Washington.

Super Region VMT


Highway Data



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