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These are links that are relevant to transportation planning in California.

SB 375
AB 32
California Interregional Blueprint
Caltrans Climate Action Program
California Agency Mailing List



Below are links to various grant sources or trackers:

Grant Tracking Matrix

North State Super Region White Paper

The North State Super Region


Infrastructure investment and transportation funding are identified as some of the most difficult policy issues facing California today. New funding for transportation is focused on portions of the state with the most population and economic vitality. Therefore, rural counties struggle to fund necessary transportation improvements in economically depressed and often geographically challenging areas. Rural local governments lack funding for basic requirements, and while transportation is important, it doesn't always fare well.

Through the creation of an alliance, North State counties have joined together to communicate their needs and direct change. These groups share similar issues, such as transportation needs, population growth, and land use changes affecting sensitive habitats."

To read more from the white paper please click the Super Region white paper link.